Goethe University Frankfurt

Environmental Ethics

This is a course about ethics, policy, and the environment. We will begin by examining different ethical and moral issues within anthropocentrism (such as cost-benefit analyses, food and consumption, scarcity, distribution, and population ethics). We’ll then move into topics relevant to other systems of value, such as animal ethics, biocentrism, ecocentrism, environmental virtue ethics and ecofeminism. The final section of the course will be devoted to the moral and political questions surrounding perhaps the biggest environmental issue humanity has ever faced—anthropogenic climate change. The language of instruction will be English, and all of the literature will be in English. Thus, English proficiency is required.


As Professor at Goethe University Frankfurt

American Political Thought (Graduate Course) Summer, 2016.

Environmental Ethics (Undergraduate Course) Winter, 2015.

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As Teaching Assistant at San Diego State University

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CEIP Martinez Parras

Multiple-Subject English as a Second Language Courses (Primary School and High School Courses) 2008–2009.